Monday, February 28

Skinny jeans..Gud o bad??

Dlu sgt2 x ckew tgok org pkai skinny jeans..Xtau la nape..Nmpak huduh jea kn..Tmbah2 klw laki yg pkai..Lg mnyampah cek tgok..Kui3..Skrg dh mnat plak..Tue la..Ngutuk lg..Skrg, org plak nyampah tgok cek kot..Huhu..

According 2 da article, skinny jeans and jeans dat r 2 tight in general, can slow down circulation n cause nerve damage called meralgia paresthetica..Coupled with stiletto heels, the pressure these jeans put on the femoral cutaneous nerve that runs through the thigh can cause tingling and burning through the leg..

Paham?? Cek pn x pham gak..Kna tye dak2 bio nih..Hohoh..

They interviewed a woman who is now on medication for it n da doctor only could find dat maybe it caused of tight jeans..It kinda ties into why guys aren't supposed 2 wear skinny jeans..It cuts off circulation 2 their boy parts n leads to lower sperm count..

Nway, read more here.. nydailynews

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