Tuesday, February 22

Falling in Love..

Aritu cek de cte psal tnda2 kte ckew some1 kn..Hohh, lupe?? Isyhh2, byak mkn cmut neyh..Xpn, mka mnis sgt kot..Kui3..Klw lupe, klik kt sni erk.. 

Nway, what is love 4 us? LOVE usually refers to interpersonal love, an experience felt by a person for another person. Love often involves caring for a person or thing..Somethg yg lahir dr ati n slalunye rsa untk dsayangi dan menyayangi..

Psychologist said dat it takes only 90seconds and 4 minutes to decide if you fancy someone.
It's not what you said bcoz some people don't want to admit dat they are in love with some1.

But we can see it thru
55% - body languages
38% - tone and speed of your voices n 
7% - what you say

3 stages of love
Lust - powerful feeling with someone
Attraction - Intense feeling with physical and personality attraction toward another person
Attachment - Powerful bonds,always together

Physical changes
~ Pimples
~ Very hygienic (To be neat and clean)
~ Introverted (usually)
~ Happy (Pretending)
~ OA (Over Acting if the someone is coming over)
~ Planner (How to seize the attention of someone)

~ Anxiety (For what they have felt)
~ Loss of appetite (Occupied mind with someone)
~ Day Dreaming (Always thinking about the future, in short 
~ Ambitious (Always associated with loss of hearing)
~ Inspired (to impress the someone)
~ Happy go lucky

De jgak pepatah yg kta, "Love the one who loves you. Not the one that you love.."Tp, xkn la nk pksa diri ntuk mncntai die kn..Klw dh x ckew, xleyh nk wt ape gak..Not like v need 2 accept him/her juz after they confess..Sometime its juz a crush n admire..Bkn btol2 ckew n syg kte pn..Klw accept jea ssape, byak dh la boy cek..Ckap jea nk sape..Hohoh~

Yg pentg, cnta mmbuatkn kte rsa dhargai n melengkapi satu sma laen..Sbijik cm pic kt bwah nie..It juz 1 pic..But it shows everthg..Klw kte x brubah, cmne kte nk kekalkn hbungan antara 1 sama len..Cmne kte nk bmbing psangan kte kn..Nie nsihat dr pakar motivasi x bertauliah yg bernama nisa adnan..Ntah btol ntah idak..Bnyi cm oke2 tuh, btol la kot..Hahah..Layann~


  1. haha..xdak eh..sje jea ckew2 tulih pasai nih..ak trbaca kt 1 blog.. :)

  2. uisyh..btol la..x smpai seru lg..len la hg..heheh..