Monday, February 14

Fakta atau rekaan..


New day come n today is da Valentine's day..Should v clebrated??I think lme dh dgar yg Valentine's day is illegal for muslim..Cz the Valentine's day is shortened from Saint Valentine's Day..Klw kte clbrated, kte cm mgagungkn paderi tuh..Ea ke??

Dis 1 I took from wiki2..A little about him..

"In the third century after Christ, Valentine was the bishop of Terni (Italy). He performed weddings for couples who were not allowed to get married. They may not have been allowed to get married because the parents did not agree with the connection or because the bridegroom was a soldier or a slave, so the marriage was forbidden. Valentine gave to the married pairs flowers from his garden. That's why flowers play a very important role on Valentine's Day. This did not please the emperor. On February 14, 269 AD, Valentine was beheaded because of his Christian faith."

N dis 1 from theotherkhairul..Credit to his blog..

Every year without fail we will start seeing articles condemning Valentine’s Day as a day that should not be celebrated by Muslims in Malaysia. One of the most used and rehashed (they rehashed the article annually since god knows when) story is St Valentine was a martyr who died helping the Christians took over Cordoba from the Muslims during Queen Isabella’s reign. Because of his sacrifice the day that he was buried is celebrated as St Valentine’s Day. Because of this Valentine’s Day is "haram" to most Muslims as celebrating it is akin to celebrating the downfall of Muslim empire in Spain. Sounds plausible right? Nope it's WRONG and pure fiction.

First of all there is no St Valentine in Spain during Queen Isabella's (1451 –1504 AD)lifetime . In fact the only Valentine in Spain history was the brother of Saint Fructus, who died stopping the Moor's advance into Spain in 751AD. This is a discrepancy of over 700 years between the supposed “Valentine” who helped defeat the Muslims (The Moors) and the St Valentine during Queen Isabella's reign. Saint Fructus and his brothers' sacrifice are remembered every October 24 ,during the St Fructus Feast Day. So clearly this is not the Valentine that we are looking for.

In Christendom history, there have been 7 recorded St Valentines and 11 separate Valentine’s Day that occurred on different days throughout the year. THE first Valentine’s Day was in honour of Valentine of Rome (also known as Valentine of Terni) who was a priest who was martyred in 269AD. Not much is known about this St Valentine other than he was a priest who was buried in Via Flaminia on the 14th of February. The lack of background story regarding this first St Valentine lead historians to believe that Valentine’s Day was created to suppress the pagan celebration of Lupercalia, a very ancient Roman pastoral festival, observed on February 13 through February 15 to avert evil spirits and purify the city. If you haven't already know, early Roman Christians assimilated their pagan celebrations with their Christian beliefs. For example the pagan celebration of sun worshipping on 25th of December is converted into Christmas day despite Jesus actually born on 17th of June. It also should be noted that the early Valentine’s day had nothing to do with love nor romance. This brings us to the modern day’s version of Valentine's day.

It is generally accepted that the modern VDay celebration started in the 19th century when a woman by the name of Esther Howland started designing cards for VDays. The celebration started in England before spreading around the world like it is today. In the 1950’s lovers started exchanging more than just cards and the commercialisation of VDay as we know it today started. In the 1980’s DeBeers started linking diamonds with VDays and many men end up broke so that their significant others may have the in vogue diamond VDay gift.

As you can see the modern day VDay is now perverted beyond recognition from it's Christian (or is it Pagan?) origin. I would say that the modern day VDay is not even the same VDay as celebrated in 269AD or Rome for that matter. The date and name might be the same but the one being celebrated now is totally different. Sort of how Christmas and Easter are now considered “not Christian enough" by fundamentalist Christians.


Nway, thinking about da truth..Msti ade adv if it bcome illegal..Skrg pn, rmai yg pk arini sbgai ari mmperingati buah ati msg2..Ari ntuk tnjukkn their love..Bknnye sbb Saint Valentine tuh..Arini la pn couple2 nk bg bnga, cklat n card..Ari len pyah sket kot..Hehe~

Its up to uolz..Nk boikot or clbrated ngn psangan msg2..Every1 hve their own opinion..N x smestinya syg tue trhad pda psgan kksih jea..X slah klw nk tnjuk syg pd pamily kn..Pamily 1st..So, pas kawen jea la clbrated Vday nih..Couple pn x digalakkn, inikan plak smbut Vday..Hohoh..Teetttt..Xleyh ckap byak2..Cek pn x ckup ilmu g.. :)

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