Saturday, January 22

PINK..Da color of love..

God gave us Love <3
and we gave it one color,
PINK..Its da color of Love,
n its da color of life..

In da cuddle of a mother,
In hug of a fren,
In love of a sister,
In kiss of a dear..

Feet of a new born baby,
Lips of dat cweet little angel,
Born wit da pink and
She grows wit da pink..

Her first dress, her best doll,
Those tiny socks, those shiny bassinette,
Her cute little watch, her tiny brittle glasses,
Those aesthetic clips, those splendid sandals..

Pinkish nail - not varnished, as pink as a candy,
Pinkish lips - not sticked, as pink as petals,
Pink eye shadow - God's gift, as pink as feather,
Pink clothes not revealing the Pinkish skin..

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